We are the podcast professionals.

Being heard is one of our greatest human needs. Let us help you plan, produce and publish your podcasts so you can tell your story.

Like radio, but better.

Podcasts are like having radio shows available on demand. All you need is a free app, such as iTunes, Castbox, Stitcher, or Spotify and an Internet connection. Use the app to subscribe to podcast channels of your choice, and the app will download new episodes for you to listen to when you choose.

Try a sample:

Tell the world your story.

This short clip from Petro Du Pisani's channel On Change gives you a powerful demonstration of the effect of sincere and motivated story-telling.

Why people listen to podcasts.

Podcasts educate, inform or entertain, and are often a combination of these three objectives. For example, a fun gameshow that's really teaching history or science. Content is as varied as the topics of discussion in the world. From poetry to arts and drama, advice on how to grow your business to growing your own vegetables—if you can imagine it, you can podcast it.

Genuine engagement

Podcasts dive deeply into your content and helpĀ build trust between you and your audience.

Always available

Podcasts are a great companion to daily life and turn an activity into an informative experience.

You have a captive audience.

Your audience chooses to listen to you, and is likely to do so while driving around. This is something they can't do with a video or a brochure.

It's like your customers asking you to send a sales representative to drive around with them explaining a case study.

Percentage of US population listening

Podcasting is big. Really big. And growing fast.

One quarter of the US population listened to a podcast last month. There are more than half-a-million active podcast shows and almost 20-million episodes listed on iTunes alone. These staggering numbers are part of the reason we're so excited to provide you with an end-to-end podcast service.

Source: Podcast Insight Stats

We offer an end-to-end podcast service.

We offer so much more than just podcast recording. Our full service guides you right from the start through the entire process. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned professional, we ensure everything gets done right.

Personality design

We help you explore how your show will look, sound and feel. What does the introduction sound like? Is it loud and brash, or soft and intellectual? Is your cover art bright red or subdued blue?

Studio recording

This is the fun bit, where you're now in one of our professional recording studios, chatting to guests and asking your questions. This is the meat and potatoes of the entire show.


One of our experienced editors dives in and makes everything sound better. Unwanted "ums and ahs" are removed, misspoken sentences are taken out, the content is cleaned up and bed music is laid down.


We host all your podcasts and provide you with a dedicated web page for sharing show notes, additional information about each episode, pictures, links to guests and other resources.


We take care of getting your show to the widest possible audience using the largest, most trusted networks and aggregators, including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, Castbox, Acast and TuneIn.


We promote your episodes on our website blog and social media platforms. If you choose our Business package (or higher), you can embed the episode on your own website.

Your audience is everywhere.

More than one in three podcast listeners are engaged while driving, commuting, walking or working out. Time that was once spent listening to conventional radio or music is now being used more productively.


Not yet convinced, but still interested?

Download a podcast player for your phone from the App Store or on Google Play. Start exploring and trying episodes you might like. Once you've listened to a few and experienced this phenomenon for yourself, get in touch with us and we can discuss how we can help you tell your story and #BeHeard.

Too long, didn't read (TL;DR)

  • We produce your podcasts in our professional studios, and host them online for you.
  • Podcasting is very popular—and the audience is growing.
  • People listen to podcasts at home, at work, while driving and in many other places.
  • The trend is to listen to podcasts instead of radio or music.
  • Podcasts engage people deeply.
  • Podcasts are made to educate, inform or entertain (usually in some combination).