Option 1 - Recorded "as live"

This is a popular option as it eliminates the need much post-production. You book a studio, line up your host and guest(s) and we hit "record". We take care of the recording (as if the show was being broadcast live) and then 'top-n-tail' the show with your personal sound-styled opening and closing logos(1).

The session itself includes a guest briefing (on microphone techniques and studio etiquette), confirming signed consent forms are in place for all guests, the sound engineer recording your show, any Skype callers as well as playback of recorded inserts and bed music(2). There is unlimited caffeine available too!

After the recording, you'll fill out an online form with the episode title and details, the names of your guests, their titles, companies, bios and Linkedin URLs, as well as any additional show notes about the content. Our team will then work their magic to do the minor edits and then host and publish your latest episode on iTunes and CastBox. We'll also provide you with the links for you to share on all your social media outlets.

Option 2 - Fully Produced Episode

This is our premium offering and includes everything above as well as a lot more post-production. Our sound engineers will edit out any 'fluffs' or 'do-overs', clean up a few ums, ahs, coughs and splutters, extract key comments from the show to add to the opening as well as any show-specific editing required.


Recording Sessions
- Studios 1 is R650/hr
- Studio 2 is R950/hr
Post Production
- per episode is R350
- post-production is R450/hr
- publishing your episode is R350
  on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play andCastBox)
- annual hosting(3) is included

Option 3 - Ad-Hoc

Clients sometimes need to do a quick recording for a presentation and prefer a professional studio with high quality equipment. Our studios are available for this, and the rate of R450/hr includes an audio engineer. These raw recordings are copied to a private client-specific Google Drive folder for you to access from anywhere.

(*) The Small Print

(1) sound-styling is a once-off up-front production that is the sound and feel of your show - your brand. This varies greatly depending on  multitude of factors including voice artist, music and complexity.

(2) music licence fees (if applicable) are not included. Our team will assist you to source appropriate and affordable music for every production and budget.

(3) from year 2 a nominal fee, based on disc space used, is charged to continue to host old episodes.

VAT is excluded from all quoted prices.