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From Solid Gold Studios welcome to On Change.

The podcast that explores change that works and the people who make it happen. Hosted by Certified and Experienced Change Practitioner Petro du Pisani.

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Corrie Pitzer on resilience engineering in Safety

These are the show notes for the podcast On Change, which explores change that works and the people who make it happen.

Episode 08

In this episode I speak to Corrie Pitzer, CEO of SAFEmap International about the changes he has seen in the Safety industry. We talk about Safety’s deadly delusions and realities and we explore the concept of resilience engineering.

Corrie Pitzer has worked in the Safety industry for over 30 years. He worked in the resources industry for 10 years as a senior executive for BHP Billiton, then founded SAFEmap International in 1994. He became a leading safety and leadership consultant in Australia before moving to Vancouver, British Columbia, where he is now based and leads a team of SAFEmap partners globally. Pitzer consults with major companies globally, including Boeing, Goldcorp, Umicore, Edison Southern California, Intergen, Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Anglo American and BHPBilliton. He is a member of ASSE’s International Chapter and was named ASSE’s 2013 Mining Practice Specialty Safety Professional of the Year.


This is the first podcast in Solid Gold Studios’ brand new studios! 

Corrie and I talk about his background and how he ended up in the Safety industry. 

Corrie wrote the paper “The new era of Resilience engineering, Safety’s 7 Deadly Delusions & 7 Realities.” We touch on some of the aspects in this paper during the podcast.

Resilience Engineering, is a term created by Professor Erik Hollnagel

Corrie mentions the book Antifragile by Nassim Taleb.

While talking about the Safety Deadly sin of “compliance” we mention work done by James Reason, and a quote by Bo Bobko

According to Corrie the correct way to define Safety is “the readiness to respond to risk.”

Steps for changing the culture of an organisation:

1. Change the definition of intent in the organisation.

2. Create capability and understanding at the executive level

3. Change belief of what safety means in the organisation

4. Turn beliefs into actions at all levels of management

5. Ensure processes and systems support the outcomes you want to achieve

6. Behavioural adaptation


Corrie mentions some reading material including:

* Work of Prof. Erik Hollnagel

* Work by Dr. Todd Conklin. Listen to Todd’s podcasts here.

* Work by Sidney Dekker

* Work by Bjorn Lomborg, including the Skeptical Environmentalist

Corrie believes that organisations need to embrace change and innovation in order to move to a new way of thinking about safety.


Music used in this podcast:

Maize off the album Phlogopite by Heath Ardvidson.

Thanks to:

Carol Ofori: For her voice in the opening credits

* Willem Nel from Acoustic Alien Audio: Sound editing in opening credits &            sourcing theme and bed music

Gavin Kennedy and Ofentse Xaba from Solid Gold Studios.

Host: Petro du Pisani, Certified Experienced Change Practitioner.


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