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From Solid Gold Studios welcome to On Change.

The podcast that explores change that works and the people who make it happen. Hosted by Certified and Experienced Change Practitioner Petro du Pisani.

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Dr. Clifford Saunders talks about reprogramming your brain

These are the show notes for the podcast On Change, which explores change that works and the people who make it happen.

Episode 07

I worked with Dr. Clifford Saunders a couple of years ago. We built some mining emulations to understand common issues faced by mine leadership teams. The idea was to create an environment where people could learn quickly by failing fast. His fascinating take on reprogramming your brain is was led me to contact him for this podcast.

Dr Clifford Saunders is a Master Business Transformation Strategist with the finest reputation in the market place. His educational background spans Engineering (1st Class Honours), Applied Psychology (MSc), and Systems Theories of all types (PhD Cybernetics). His life’s career has focused on helping organizations manage change, problem solve, make better decisions, improve performance and effectiveness, expand leadership skills, enhance group dynamics, re-engineer processes, and turn chaos and complexity to advantage. He strongly identifies with the works of Terry Pratchett.

Dr. Saunders (Cliff from now on) is the MD for Centre for Applied Neuroscience.



Firstly I apologise for the poor sound quality for the first question and a half, but it gets better, so please keep listening. Gavin and I had set up a makeshift studio in his son’s bedroom while the brand new Solidgold podcast studios were being built, and we had some issues with our Skype connection.

Cliff is a firm believer in neuroplasticity. He became interested in reprogramming his brain and used it on himself to clear his eczema using various yoga practices such as raja and prayinama.

Cliff recommends a number of books during the podcast such as

* The woman who changed her brain, by  Barbara Arrowsmith Young. See her TED talk here.

* The brain’s way of healing by  Norman Doidge  

* The brain that changes itself by  Norman Doidge

We talk about solving problems during your sleep cycles, and I mention an example of the discovery of the helix benzene ring - August Kekulé.

During the rapid fire round he mentions the book Antifragile by Nassim Taleb.

While talking about AI Cliff mentions his brain cap - which he calls Brian - make you own brain cap here.

Society of Economics paper on the use of neuroplasticity in mining (2011)

Get hold of Cliff here:


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·         Carol Ofori: For her voice in the opening credits

·         Willem Nel from Acoustic Alien Audio: Sound editing in opening credits &            sourcing theme and bed music

·         Gavin Kennedy, Collen Mashamba and Keith Ngwenya from Solid Gold Studios.

Host: Petro du Pisani, Certified Experienced Change Practitioner.


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