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From Solid Gold Studios welcome to On Change.

The podcast that explores change that works and the people who make it happen. Hosted by Certified and Experienced Change Practitioner Petro du Pisani.

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Harry Sinko and Gary Lane talk about the mine of the future

These are the show notes for the podcast On Change, which explores change that works and the people who make it happen. 

Episode 06

In this episode I speak to Harry Sinko and Gary Lane from Vuuma Collaborations. We talk about disruption in the mining industry and what is will take to get to Mining 4.0.

Harry and I have worked together on a number of Mining Business Improvement projects across various commodities and continents.  

Harry’s bio:  With  an international  reputation  of being  a  creative, motivational  andresults  driven change  agent,  Harry has  worked  very successfully  across  corporate boundaries  delivering  strong results  in  a variety  of  industries and  cultures.  Whilst he  has  worked with  an  extensive range  of  global blue  chip  companies and  government  organisations across  the  world he  has  focused his  efforts  primarily in  the  mining and  resources  sector over  the  last 20  years.    His work  primarily  includes senior  leadership  coaching, strategy  development,  systems  analysis and  design.  His expertise  lies  in practical  implementation  of sustainable  value  chain and  asset  optimisation programs  incorporating  systems thinking,  change  management, leadership  development  and a  range  of Business  Improvement  Methodologies.    The result  of  line management  and  executive leadership  roles,  Harry has  become  a proven  leader,  demonstrating significant  results  in creating  business  growth and  effective  management of  complex  risk  whilst building  strong  collaborative and  trusted  relationships.    This is  evident  in the  fact  that Harry  has  led, coached,  facilitated,  trained, and  mentored  over 16,000  individuals  in personal  development  and performance  improvement  programs ranging  from  senior executives  to  operational staff  involved  in several  dozen  projects in  Australia,  South Africa,  Botswana,  Namibia, Brazil,  Chile,  Canada, US,  Mexico,  Belgium, Romania,  England,  Papua New  Guinea,  Japan, Korea,  China,  Singapore and  New  Zealand.

Gary’s bio: With a  passion  for transforming  the  mining industry,  Gary  has built  up  a global  reputation  in the  mining  industry over  the  past 26  years.    His experience  started  with  various  engineering and  project  management roles  within  Anglo American  delivering  5 mega  capital  projects before  completing  an MBA  and  co-founding his  first  business start-up,  Cyest  Corporation, 14  years  ago focusing  on  mining optimisation.    This  was followed  by  a tech  start-up  to focus  on  next generation  technology  and more  recently  Vuuma Collaborations  to  focus on  systems  thinking for  the  mine of  the  future and  has  recently built  the  experiential simulation  centre  SiMINE @MandelaMiningPrecinct.   Gary  has  recently been  appointed  MD of  ESTEQ  Mining aimed  at  leveraging the  digital  simulation technologies  from  the motor  manufacturing  and aerospace  industries  into  mining,    His philosophy  is  about collaboration  with  thought leaders  globally  to bring  together  the technology,  skills  and experience  to  drive a  quantum  change in  the  mining industry.    He  is a  registered  professional engineer,  is  on the  council  and chairman  of  the technical  programme  committee for  the  Southern African  Institute  of Mining  and  Metallurgy

Harry and Gary are both directors for Vuuma Collaborations, ESTEQ Mining, Transrupt and they’ve built a mining simulation called SiMINE at the Mandela Mining Precinct. All of these companies have something to do with disruption, technology and digitisation of the Mining Industry…

 In the Rapid fire round Gary recommends the book Boundaries for Leaders, and Harry recommends Freakanomics (which is also one of my favourite podcasts). The app that Harry recommends is Penultimate and Gary recommends Evernote.

Gary is on the committee for the South Institute for Mining and Metallurgy.

Music used in this podcast:

Endeavour by Jahzzar f found on the Free Music Archive, under a CC BY 2.0 license.

 Thanks to:

·         Carol Ofori: For her voice in the opening credits

·         Willem Nel from Acoustic Alien Audio: Sound editing in opening credits &            sourcing theme and bed music

·         Gavin Kennedy and Ofentse Xaba from Solid Gold Studios.

Host: Petro du Pisani, Certified Experienced Change Practitioner.

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