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From Solid Gold Studios welcome to On Change.

The podcast that explores change that works and the people who make it happen. Hosted by Certified and Experienced Change Practitioner Petro du Pisani.

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George Lee Sye talks about Business Improvement and Change Management

These are the show notes for the podcast On Change, which explores change that works and the people who make it happen.

Episode 04

In this episode I speak to Business Improvement guru and kindred spirit George Lee Sye, owner of Soarent Vision Pty Ltd, and lead trainer at the Academy of Business Improvement Leadership (AOBIL Professional Learning Hub).  

George guided me through the coursework for a green belt in Lean Six Sigma. He is the author of the Business Improvement handbook Process Mastery with Lean Six Sigma, which provides practical guidance on how to do Business Improvement. He mentions his friend and business partner Harry Sinko, who contributed to the book.


During the Rapid Fire round George mentions his new book The Master Presenter (available in June 2018). The book he recommends to anyone to read is Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

We also talk about two of his other books: How to take control of your brain and The problem solving brain

We are both avid list makers and to read George’s thoughts on making lists read Kill your To-Do list before it kills you. George’s favourite list app is Things (only available for Apple) and mine is Wunderlist

George is an instructor for the California Superbike school in Australia. I have not attended one of their courses YET. 


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Host: Petro du Pisani, Certified Experienced Change Practitioner.

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