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Teachers, Teamwork and the Future World of Work

In this episode our guests Andee Deverell (head of Organisation Design, Change and HR Communications at Nedbank) and Gershom Aitchison (headmaster at Education Incorporated, a Private Boutique school in Fourways) talk about Teachers. Why some stay for decades while others hop from school to school.


We also explore Minimum Viable Time (MVT) and Optimal Time of employment where both employer and employee get great value out of the relationship.

Every 2 - 3 years, you want all staff to “take stock” of their development and decide on future growth. “Job hopping” is often about chasing a higher salary and may result in a teacher landing up in a position they’re not ready for as they haven’t taken time to absorb the learning along the way.

Gershom describes 3 categories of teachers who leave :
Normal/Rational attrition - retirement, emigration, spouse transfers to another city;
Progression - they want to go elsewhere and try something else, they become ambassadors and often return; and
Regrettable Hires - teachers who aren’t entirely honest during the interview process and have “hidden agendas”.

We explore Disruption and Impact and why teachers should all change jobs at the end of a calendar year to minimise the disruption to the pupils in their care.

Gershom explores the conflict and contrast between what Parents SAY they want and how they ACTUALLY behave. They want schools to prepare their children for a new future, but in an old fashioned way.

How much change is too much?
What’s an abnormally high rate of staff turnover?

There is usually a correlation between seniority and duration of tenure.

Gavin talks about a well-know TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson titled “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” which you can watch here.

Andee stresses the need for agility, flexibility, experiential learning, participation and the learning “muscle” and references AT&T’s Radical talent Overhaul.

How teachers teach is far more important than what they teach. Team work, peer-to-peer and collaboration are vital for employers.

Virtual Reality and specialist teachers delivering specific aspects of the subject are becoming the new normal.

Andee shares her framework on horizontal dashes, vertical “i” shapes, “T”s, Pi and hashtags as a very effective analogy for the skill set shape the employer of the future is looking for.

The role of the Teacher is becoming the facilitator, not the “expert”. We’re shifting from “know it all” to “learn it all”.

The opening and closing music “Never Give Up” is composed by Nicolai Heidlas from

October 1st 2018

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