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Are you looking to broaden your horizons, to stay relevant and become Future Fit?

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Then look no further. Join Carmen Murray, Entrepreneur, Innovator and Tech Fundi, with her big personality and presentation style, as she interviews celebrities, alchemist, news-makers and business experts to discover the stories behind their success.

The Carmen Murray Show will open your mind and help you turn knowledge into magic. Let knowledge be your Superpower!

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Herman Singh: Does Disruptive Innovation really exist?

Huddle up.  You don’t want to miss this episode.  Truly.  On the Carmen Murray Show we get to interview Herman Singh.  He is to LinkedIn like Trump is to Twitter.  Herman is the Group Executive for Innovation at MTN, Africa and he comes with very interesting views and perspectives about Innovation.

Herman and I talk about what so many organizations struggle with when it comes to Innovation.  One of the biggest challenges is to learn, unlearn and relearn.  He gives us some interesting perspectives on why that is.  

We talk about Innovation Hubs.  Do they really work?

I there such a thing as Disruptive Innovation? 

Why is diversity inclusion so important for Innovation?  

Why do so many organizations struggle with this?

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About Carmen Murray

Carmen Murray is the founder of Boo-Yah!, Building Connected Brands for the 21st Century.  Entrepreneur, Innovator, Tech Fundi.  She Interviews celebrities, alchemist, newsmakers and business experts to help her audiences become future fit.

October 10th 2018

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