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Are you looking to broaden your horizons, to stay relevant and become Future Fit?

Do you want to fuel your creativity and inspire Innovation? or… are you simply looking to put the “kapow” back into your business?

Then look no further. Join Carmen Murray, Entrepreneur, Innovator and Tech Fundi, with her big personality and presentation style, as she interviews celebrities, alchemist, news-makers and business experts to discover the stories behind their success.

The Carmen Murray Show will open your mind and help you turn knowledge into magic. Let knowledge be your Superpower!

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"Mars"terclass with Adriana Marais #FearlessWomen

Everybody huddle up, put on your space suits.  Get yourself a cup of coffee and bring your seat closer.

The Carmen Murray Show will open your mind and help you turn knowledge into magic.  I get to interview celebrities, alchemist, newsmakers and business experts and discover the stories behind their success.

In this episode, we talk to Dr Adriana Marais, one of the South Africans who will pack her bags and take a one-way ticket to Mars to establish a human colony.

We unpack everything from the Mars One Project, explaining the application process and how the final shortlisted process is currently in action.

One of the topics we touch on is Recourse Management and how this one-way ticket to Mars will enable so much for the human race.  

We talk about everything from Aliens to Astrology and Radio Telescopes in Africa.

Don’t miss this incredible interview and learn why this is probably one of the most exciting explorations of the human race.

Thank you to Brand Live Radio for hosting us in studio and to Solid Gold Studios who publishes all our episodes on all of the podcast platforms.

More about Carmen Murray:

She is the founder of Boo-Yah! and has become a household name among business professionals and flying through the ranks as she applies robust approaches to help businesses get Future Fit.  She is an international speaker, an expert in Technology, Innovation and Marketing, but also a brand purpose activitst and torchbearer for #fearlesswomen

October 10th 2018

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