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Are you looking to broaden your horizons, to stay relevant and become Future Fit?

Do you want to fuel your creativity and inspire Innovation? or… are you simply looking to put the “kapow” back into your business?

Then look no further. Join Carmen Murray, Entrepreneur, Innovator and Tech Fundi, with her big personality and presentation style, as she interviews celebrities, alchemist, news-makers and business experts to discover the stories behind their success.

The Carmen Murray Show will open your mind and help you turn knowledge into magic. Let knowledge be your Superpower!

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Masterclass with Jenna Clifford #FEARLESSWOMENSMONTH Trailer

This is the show notes for the podcast of The Carmen Murray Show which will empower you, fuel your creativity and inspire innovation.  We will get you Future Fit and open your mind and help turn knowledge into magic.  

As we commemorate Women’s Month and pay a tribute to all the women, I wanted to dedicate this month to all of our #fearlesswomen in South Africa by giving you four exceptional masterclasses by 4 fearless women to inspire you with their message of hope.

We are witnessing the “EVE"olution of women and the power of change.  The #unsteareotyping of society, and people embracing diversity and inclusion. Read more here:

In this episode, we are privileged to receive a 20-minute masterclass from Jenna Clifford, a renowned jeweler, and appointed SA Ambassodar and torchbearer for the United Nations Millennium Development Goal 3.  Since then she has been active in her own capacity to empower women and gender equality.  I myself have been privileged to be on the receiving end of her guidance in my own career.

We would like to thank for the recording and sound editing of the show and live streaming it to their audiences.

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Host:  Carmen Murray, Founder of Boo-Yah! | Innovation Consultant | Future Fit Facilitator | Keynote Speaker

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August 13th 2018

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