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Are you looking to broaden your horizons, to stay relevant and become Future Fit?

Do you want to fuel your creativity and inspire Innovation? or… are you simply looking to put the “kapow” back into your business?

Then look no further. Join Carmen Murray, Entrepreneur, Innovator and Tech Fundi, with her big personality and presentation style, as she interviews celebrities, alchemist, news-makers and business experts to discover the stories behind their success.

The Carmen Murray Show will open your mind and help you turn knowledge into magic. Let knowledge be your Superpower!

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Brain Dump by John Vlismas

Brain Dump on how to work a room by John Vlismas

This is the show notes for the season finale of the WITEE Chatterbots show which aims to empower you, fuel your creativity and inspire innovation.  We will get you Future Fit and open your mind and help turn knowledge into magic.  Watch the video of the season finale with John Vlismas here:

In this episode, I speak to John Vlismas, a top comedian in South Africa.  For over 20 years John has deftly walked the line between underground, alternative and mainstream comedy.  He is well known for his outspoken and observational humour.   I think John as a real gift to be unapologetic, understand and comment on political, social and economic affairs.  

We learn to discover that John is a super smart guy and has earned his stripes in the business world and making some huge strides in the corporate and creative world.  He is not just a funny guy

John and I talk about industries being disrupted, including the monolithic power of DSTV.  Watch Netflix in action with the recent online ad that’s going viral in SA.

John says your brand is not your agility and he gives us things to think about when building a brand.  We talk to John about ignorance, resonance, dissonance, as the important factors to advance and evolve yourself.

We refer back to the John Sanei interview Purpose over Profit discussion and the recent announcement by Warren Buffet who talks about companies who need to stop chasing quarterly targets.

John and I talk about the negative energy in the air, politics, polarisation and economic constraint and how to trade through the badness.

We unpack the secrets to work a room, whether you are a presenting to stakeholders, talking at a conference or meeting a client.  

John gives us an exclusive insight into Brain ump, what inspired it and the power of the mind after his dad’s stroke.  We refer to my stroke of insight by Jill Bolte.  This is a must watch for everyone who wants to understand the brain.

in tradition, we conclude the show by playing our 60 second 10 question game with John and get a few laughs with her witty responses.

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July 27th 2018

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