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These are the show note for the podcast on the #WITEE Chatterbots Show ( Women in Tech Empowering Everyone) which aims to empower you by interviewing a wide range of remarkable and thought-provoking guests to discover as we navigate through the constant change around us.

In this episode, I speak to Elizabeth de Stadler a plain language and privacy law expert.  She is a disruptive force of nature in privacy law and gives a fresh perspective to compliance issues.

She is the Founding Director of Novation Consulting, which is a quirky company that specialises in all things consumer law, the designing and delivering of training.  She is also IAB SA Head of Chairperson of the regulatory affair council.

Elizabeth prides herself for being slightly out there and bringing a fresh perspective to compliance issues.  She has a Masters ( cum laude- the nerd) in Consumer Law.  Elizabeth met Paul in 2011 and joined Esselaar Attorneys ( she is still a senior associate at the firm).  In 2013 they founded Novation Consulting together.  Elizabeth is a bit of a nerd.  She is the editor of the Consumer Law Review and wrote a Guide to the Protection of Personal Information Act with Paul.  She is also the author of Consumer Law Unlocked, a co-author of Consumer Law Unlocked, a co-author of the hefty Commentary to the Consumer Protection Act and wrote chapters on the Consumer Protection Act in The Law of Contract in South Africa and The Law of Commerce in South Africa.  She is currently working with Liezl van Zyl from Stellenbosch University Language Centre on Plain Language legal drafting, which will be published in 2018.  Elizabeth loves Lego, Sneakers, Zombies and white wine.  She hates comic sans font, sweet potato, and most other attorneys.  She is allergic to suits and öffice shoes" because of years she worked at Webber Wentzel.  She is very scared of moths.  It is a thing- read about it.

Elizabeth and I touched base on the recent action of the information regulator to summon an urgent meeting with Liberty to get an understanding of how its data was breached by hackers.  The fact that POPIA is not in effect does not stop the regulator to take action says Elizabeth.

 Elizabeth gives me an insight when POPIA will take effect and also everything that went down once GDPR  went into full force.  Misinformation leads to organizations being completely paralyzed.

We talk about the impact of acquiring data, enriching data and profiling of data and how this impacts direct marketing and promotions.

Elizabeth debunks some of the myths on the GDPR and the POPIA.

We refer to the show I had with Alfred Adriaan on WITEE Chatterbots Talking about some of the discussions that happened on this show.

We go through promotion and competition scenarios to discuss the pitfalls of privacy law.

Then in tradition, we conclude the show by playing our 60 second 10 question Game with Elizabeth and get a few laughs with her witty responses.

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July 26th 2018

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